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Willamette Week: Pants on Fire, PGE blames Enron for pocketing our tax dollars. New documents tell a different story.
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In response to Joan Smith's op-ed in The Oregonain entitled "Beware risky quick fixes on utility taxes."
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Steve Duin writes about the "outrageous tax scam involving Oregon's regulated utilities."
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Also read The Oregonian's Steve Duin column entitled, "Lobbyists and lackeys cripple the Legislature."
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Visit the File Archives of the Utility Reform Project where about 200 documents are located.
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Portland joins the Utility Reform Project's effort to bring ratepayers' money back from Houston.
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Willamette Week: Power Failure; How the PGE deal collapsed
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On March 10, 2005, the Oregon Public Utility Commission rejected Texas Pacific Group's bid to buy Portland General Electric.
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Statesman Journal: The case against Texas Pacific taking over local utility
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Willamette Week: The PGE Papers - The secret documents Texas Pacific doesn't want Oregonians to see
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Portland Tribune: Legal eagle eyes PGE deal
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New York Times: Secrecy Stripped From Oregon Utility Sale
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The Oregonian: Documents hint at plans for PGE
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KGW: PGE sale has different twist in confidential memo
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The Oregonian: Enron pockets PGE's tax payments
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New York Times: Enron’s havoc spills over to a utility in Oregon
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Created in 1984, the Utility Reform Project (URP) has represented Oregon ratepayers and the environment in dozens of proceedings before the courts, the Legislature, the Public Utility Commission, and other government bodies.
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Visit the File Archives of the Utility Reform Project where about 200 documents are located.
March 15, 2006 Press Release: New York Times Features Enron/PGE in Oregon as "Pioneer in turning Taxes into Profit" [read]
November 1, 2005 Press Release: Lawsuit Forces PGE to Stop Charging Ratepayers Phony "Multnomah County Business Income Taxes" It is Not Paying [read]
May 14, 2005 Press Release: Deal to buy PacifiCorp for $5.1 billion: Endless financial maneuvering with utility assets [read]
March 10, 2005 Press Release: City of Portland should acquire PGE now [read]
Compare PGE rates to publicly-owned utilities in Oregon
View over fifty quotes about PGE, Enron, Texas Pacific Group or a People's Utility District
November 10, 2003: Marion County Circuit Court orders refunds of Trojan profits charged to ratepayers since 1995 [read]
October 28, 2003: Oregon PUC says: PGE can keep collecting $93 million per year in phony income taxes it never pays to government [read]
October 17, 2003: Federal court agrees with P.U.D. supporters: County’s ballot is "patently false" and "profoundly misleading" [read]
May 15, 2002: Activists call for City of Portland to acquire PGE assets by eminent domain to Get Enron Out of Oregon [read]
2002: Stop PGE From Being Auctioned to the Highest Bidder [read]
2002: 7 Reasons to Reject the NWNG Deal [read]
January 2002: Enron corruption: the special Oregon connection
Statement of Ralph Nader [read]
Statement of Dan Meek [read]
November 30, 2001: Enron fiasco threatens Oregon ratepayers' pocketbooks [read]
May 2, 1997: Lloyd K. Marbet, the Utility Reform Project, and the Don't Waste Oregon Council oppose approval of the proposed Enron purchase of PGE [read]
The Oregon Public Power Coalition is the umbrella organization for public power efforts in the state.
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