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The Oregonian - Letters to the Editor

Be leery of Goldschmidt


It's disturbing that Neil Goldschmidt has received more than $1 million to, in effect, lobby for Saif Corp. (Goldschmidt consulting deal costs Saif $1.1 million, Nov. 22), and that he was a people's utility district opposition leader while secretly having a financial stake in the outcome.

I, too, am involved in both issues as a PUD advocate and as leader, since 1998, of Injured Workers' Alliance, an all-volunteer statewide organization.

In the past three legislative sessions and in between, many unpaid worker advocates have devoted thousands of hours trying to protect Oregonians from injury and get those who are injured critically needed medical treatment. Sadly, we're vastly outnumbered in political influence.

As a political powerhouse and Saif lobbyist, Goldschmidt can severely damage the efforts of hundreds over several months with as little as one phone call.

Oregonians should be leery of the former governor's motives as the front man for Texas Pacific Group, a competitor with ratepayer-owner advocates for acquisition of Portland General Electric.

West Linn