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Stop PGE From Being Auctioned To The Highest Bidder

If we are going to stop PGE from being auctioned off to the highest bidder in Enron’s New York federal bankruptcy court proceeding, our Legislature, in the upcoming special session on the budget, must immediately protect the valuable assets of Oregon ratepayers by activating the State Power Authority, created and placed into the Oregon Constitution (Article XI-D) by voters in 1932 and empowered to "acquire, construct, maintain and/or operate hydroelectric power plants, transmission and distribution lines." Under the State Power Authority, Oregon could acquire PGE’s assets by eminent domain, without U.S. Bankruptcy Court approval. This is a real alternative to the crisis we face in the increased price of energy manipulated by corporations like Enron.

We need to invest in our future: In renewable energy and conservation resources; In the creation of meaningful work in our communities; In the protection of the environment, the restoration of our watersheds and the mitigation of global warming. Here is what you can do:

1.        Educate yourself. Read Article XI-D of the Oregon Constitution. Read the history of how the Oregon Grange and others helped put this amendment in Oregon’s Constitution and how the Oregon Legislature, influenced by private utility lobbyists, failed to enact enabling legislation.

2.        Testify at the upcoming Oregon Public Utility Commission hearings on February 6 and 7. Ask them to take this proposal to the Oregon Legislature. (For more on this, see the reverse side of this flyer.)

3.        Write, call and email your State Senator and Representative. Tell them that you want this alternative to be considered in the upcoming special session.

4.        Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

5.        Write, call and email Governor John Kitzhaber, (503) 378-4582, fax (503) 378-4863. (Messages can also be sent by going to www.governor.state.or.us/contact.htm) Tell him you are tired of seeing his administration support private utility interests and would like him to roll up his sleeves and help the Legislature activate the Oregon State Power Authority.

6.        Call you local talk shows and express your support.

7.        Have your local groups or organizations invite Dan Meek: (503) 293-9021, dan@meek.net; Larry Tuttle, (503) 221-1683, nevermined@earthlink.net; or Lloyd Marbet, (503) 637-3549, democracy@voters.net; to make a presentation on this important issue.

8.        Talk to your friends and neighbors. Help get them involved!

Dan Meek (503) 293-9021  www.voters.net  Lloyd Marbet (503) 637-3549

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