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60 Minutes (Montana Power)
Business Journal excerpts
Enron endgame
Enron expected
Montana Power
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific Gas & Electric
Press Release 11/2001
State fights
Two paths
Two Paths
Under deregulation

City of Portland

Bill bans condemnation
City builds case
City gets cold feet
City loses bid
Counties back away
Ex guv new job
House backs bill
House panel
PGE portland rancor
PGE ratepayers
Portland may buy
Portland official seeks
Power struggle
Second Enron snub
Sten City Club press release


Adding insult to injury
Be leery
Carpe diem portland
Comparison shopping
Editorial erred
Editorial ducked
Electrical union
Huge savings
Improving the lie
Keeps looking better
Leaving PGE
Local PUD proves
Looting persists
Neil Goldschmidt
Once more
PGE is not
PGE looking out for itself
PGE needs
Protect PGE ratepayers
Protect ratepayers first
PUD's contribute
Rates should go down
Shame on us
Take power back
The PGE deal
This election is so corrupt
Utility panel
Wired4success b&w
Wired4success color
Wired for success

Electric Rates

Enron's Havoc
Explain practices
Feasibility study
Investigation of PGE
Kwh price
PGE denies wrongdoing
PGE files action
PGE fleecing
PGE fraud
PGE records
Pollution tax breaks
Port of Seattle lawsuit
Powerful turnaround




Behind the scenes
Critics censure
Dead peasants
Dead Peasants
Dead peasant policies
Democrat bashing
Enron domino
Enron fiasco
Enron said to gouge
Enron unveils
Insurance letter
Investors sue
Labor department
Marbet-DWOC-URP (1997)
URP-Marbet_about_Enron (2001)
Meek Statement about Enron
Nader Statement about Enron
Numerous PGE lawsuits
OPB investigation
OPUC public hearing
Oregon investigation
PGE energy traders
PGE files action
PGE legal problems
PGE workers
Portlander indicted
Scrapping over
Seven reasons
Stop auction

People's Utility Districts

Anti-PUD takeover group
Change agent
Clackamas PUD Feasibility Study
Clackamas PUD (Study, Part 1)
Clackamas PUD (Study, Part 2)
Clackamas PUD (Study, Part 3)
Clackamas PUD (Study, Part 4)
Clackamas & Washington County
Clackamas County
Clackamas County mails
Clackamas County qualifies
Clackamas PUD backers
Clackamas PUD endorsements
Clackamas PUD petition
Clackamas Review article
Columbia County PUD
Commissioner letter
Compare P.U.D. to Enron
County board
Clackamas PUD tri-fold (May 2004)
Clackamas PUD tri-fold (April 2004)
CPUD Feasibility
Dennis Kucinich
Fatcats (Clackamas)
Fatcats (Multnomah)
Feasibility Study
Fleeced by PGE-Enron
May 18 Election results (Clackamas)
Nader backs
PGE PUD debate
PUD Oregonian Ad (Clackamas)
PUD advantages
PUD business friendly
PUD campaign
PUD gains
PUD opponents
PUD questions
PUD vote turnout
Q&A on PUD's
Utility backers
Utility district fight


Public Utility Commission

Investigation of PGE
PUC questionable record
PUC questionable record
Pulling the plug
PUC says
State panel backs PGE
Wake up PUC

Taxes (Enron/PGE)

An exercise in inventive democracy
Don't Mess with Taxes
Enron pocketed
Enron pockets tax
Enron stiffed state
Lobbyists and lackeys
Panel can't make PGE
PGE paid
Utility co

Texas Pacific Group

30-year secret
Behind the scenes
Documents hint
Face off over PGE
PGE acquisition
PGE backers question
Power broker
Power grab
Power grab
Rate cuts absent
Regulators deny
Secrecy stripped
Texas firm
The case against TPG
PUC rejection (Conclusion)
PUC rejection (Complete)
Will new owners

Trojan Nuclear Plant

Judge orders PGE
PGE, PUC lose
Willamette Week: Trojan

Willamette Valley Power

Group opposes
Industrial customers